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Facelift & Necklift

When it comes to finding the right facelift and necklift surgeon, it’s important to look for a doctor that takes into consideration your individual facial structure, features, and motivation for the procedure.


Dr. Stallworth believes that every patient is unique, as are the goals for each individual’s surgery. As a result, one patient may require more or less of a certain procedure than another, or they might require an altogether different approach.

In addition, modern aesthetic facial surgery should never result in stigmata of an unnatural, operated appearance that changes who you are. Based on your facial analysis and individualized goals, Dr. Stallworth will devise a personalized treatment plan that’s not only right for you, but helps to maintain a youthful, natural appearance. Rejuvenation procedures cannot stop the process of aging, but they do aim to restore a younger, more vibrant “you” by resetting the clock of aging. Together, Dr. Stallworth can help you regain a vibrant, refreshed facial appearance.

Facial Aging (Before Facelift & Necklift)

Aging of the face and neck is a complex process that involves many factors. Over time, our tissues lose their strength and elasticity and gravity causes our tissues to descend lower in the face. The result can be a deepening of the smile-folds around the mouth, development of jowls along the jawline, and visible excess skin under the chin (the “turkey waddle”). 


Our gender, age, genes, body weight, bone structure, skin quality, and overall health all impact the rate and extent to which this aging process occurs. These natural processes can be accelerated by excessive sun exposure, smoking, and medical conditions like diabetes, not to mention fluctuations in body weight. Each of these areas can be addressed with a facelift procedure.

The Facelift & Necklift Procedures

In general, the term “facelift”, or rhytidecotmy, is somewhat of a misnomer because it primarily refers to surgery targeting the lower third of the face and upper neck. Treatment of the cheeks, eyes and forehead can also be addressed surgically, but these require additional procedures. Face lifting, then, is a surgical procedure used to reposition, elevate, and tighten the support layers below the skin in the lower face. The goals include removal of the jowling, improvement in the jaw line and upper neck, and removal of excess skin if necessary. When indicated, this is the most direct and dramatic method of rejuvenating the lower face.


Dr. Stallworth performs most all facelift procedures under general anesthesia in the operating room on an outpatient basis. During your consultation and the preoperative visit, you will learn about the goals for your particular surgery, the techniques that will be used, your recovery, and the risks of surgery.

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