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Facelifts Demystified: Navigating Your Path to Radiant Renewal

Facelifts Demystified: Navigating Your Path to Radiant Renewal

The facelift procedure is one of the more popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons today, and continues to be a wonderful solution for patients looking to turn back time and address the unwanted signs of aging. However, there are different types of facelifts for patients to consider when they visit the practice of Dr. Christian Stallworth. At Texas Plastic Surgery, we evaluate patients during consultation to determine the best facelift procedure to assist them in achieving their desired outcome. Keep reading to learn more about what type of facelift is right for you.

What are the different types of facelift procedures?

Dr. Christian Stallworth at Texas Plastic Surgery can educate you on the various facelift varieties and their specific goals:

  • Deep-plane face lift: A “deep plane” facelift involves an incision concealed along the temporal hairline, running along the contours around the ear, and then extending behind the ear and into the hairline behind the ear.  The skin is elevated and tightened by releasing and then repositioning the underlying facial connective tissue (SMAS) and then removing the resulting excess skin.  Emphasis is placed on counteracting the aging process to vertically reposition tissue rather than “pulling” the face backwards which results in a wind-swept, unnatural look.   The advantage of a deep plane lift is that it can provide you maximum results with minimal scarring. The downside is that you may need to wear makeup or sunglasses after surgery until your wounds have healed fully (about 3-6 weeks depending on swelling). This can affect your ability to return to work or social activities for at least several weeks following surgery.  This is generally Dr. Stallworth’s preferred approach to facial rejuvenation and is often recommended when there is more extensive facial and neck sagging present, typically after the age of 50.
  • Mini-faceliftThis procedure can be used for younger patients with earlier signs of aging, generally for patients in their early 40's to 50's looking for a subtle change.  Incisions are shorter, work is less, less downtime, but also can have less dramatic result.  The mini-lift is performed through smaller incisions, making it the best choice for younger patients with only mild signs of aging. Once healed, in the right patient the results can still be tremendous!
  • Brow liftthis procedure is often combined with other facelift procedures to address sagging in the forehead and brow region, when present. A brow lift can be performed without a facelift or at the same time as a mid or full facelift. It takes care of any deep furrows on the upper face and helps to prevent droopiness over time. Brow lifts are becoming an increasingly popular option for patients who have early-onset signs of aging that may not require a full facelift just yet.

Which type of facelift surgery is best for me?

After you visit Texas Plastic Surgery for your consultation visit, Dr. Christian Stallworth can provide an informed recommendation regarding the type of facelift that will help you reach your goals. He will often recommend the most conservative option whenever possible, as not everyone is an ideal candidate for a full facelift. By connecting with his patients and listening to their desires, he has the opportunity to provide information to patients so they can make an educated decision on the best procedures for their needs. 

Can I have more than one procedure performed at once?

Whenever possible, we encourage patients to consider combining procedures to reduce downtime and costs. Patients might consider having a facelift procedure performed alongside a neck lift or liposuction of the chin for even more facial definition and a more youthful look!

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A facelift is a great choice for anyone who wants to look younger, but its important to do your research and find the right doctor before going under the knife. Facelifts are typically performed on patients over 40 years old, but there are options available for those who want to look younger without going through extensive surgery. Your best bet? Talk to an expert who can help guide you through this process!

If you live the area of San Antonio, TX and want to learn more about the facelift procedures and which one is most appropriate for your needs, call (210) 997-3223. We encourage new and returning patients to call for an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 21 Spurs Lane, Suite #120A.

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